3AM Avenue Podcast Series

JM, Errica and JB of 3AM Avenue Podcast Series

The 3AM Avenue Podcast Series hosted by Dubs, Eca and JB started with the goal of sharing our tropa’s usual 3AM thoughts with the world. The podcast was launched last January 24, 2021, and the podcast releases new episodes every Thursday at 7:30 PM. 

If you were to ask why 3AM? It is because we believe that we become our genuine selves at midnight where all that you can feel is the cold breeze from outside your window, and all you can think of are your so-called, “Midnight thoughts” or 3AM thoughts in our case. This podcast highlights our tropa’s growth journey in adulting together with all the opinions, realizations, inspiration and encouragement that comes with it. 

The podcast features guests sometimes that adds insight with the conversations we have about different topics, even conversations we don’t normally have with people. This podcast also believes that it is therapeutic to talk to someone or listen to someone and so we encourage everyone to create dialogue and have genuine conversations. Like what we say, #NoHoldsBarred 

We are the 3AM Avenue Podcast Series, and #tropangmadamingebas.