Coffee Na Lang Dear

Jeff and Rhea of Coffee Na Lang Dear

The phrase “Coffee Na Lang Dear” is known from a commercial in the 90s starred by Heneral Luna himself, John Arcilla. In it, Arcilla plays a husband who keeps on skipping his breakfast day after day after day, saying, “Coffee na lang, dear (Just coffee, dear),” because he wants to leave the house immediately. That is, until his wife puts a serving of bacon on the table.

The commercial simply shows that we are always in a hurry. We have so much in our plates that we tend to neglect the important matters of our lives. Coffee Na Lang Dear podcast reminds us that it is best to have deep and meaningful conversations with the people we love, especially when we do it with a cup of coffee. After all, we connect more when we eat, drink and converse with each other.

Jeff – A solo traveller whose journeys and experiences where put into words in his own travel blog, “Shades of Wanderer.” He is a musician by heart and by blood who knows how to play guitar, drums and keyboard. He is also into video editing and photography.

Rhea Angeline – A Certified Public Accountant who is currently employed as Finance Specialist in one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines. She loves traveling, which includes but not limited to mountains and beaches. You may find her reading books, writing blogs, or watching Korean shows during her free time.

Imagine a scenario wherein two of your friends are chatting in front of you while you are enjoying whatever you are drinking at the moment. Imagine a situation wherein two of your friends are discussing about some of your issues and dilemmas in life, and talking about how to deal with it in a language that you fully understand. Imagine a picture wherein Jeff and Rhea Angeline are seated next to you, laughing about their past experiences, giggling with their previous mistakes and choices to the point that you find yourself chuckling as well because you can relate to them big time.