Frightening Alarming Real-life Tales Show

Andrew and Niña of Frightening Alarming Real-life Tales Show

Horror stories are not just limited to the narratives you hear from movies and books, but they also exist in real life. Sometimes the ones we know in real life are scarier than what we watch or read.

The Frightening Alarming Real-life Tales Show (FARTS) highlights these real-life horror stories. Every Friday at 4pm for about 50 to 90 minutes, hosts Andrew Topinio and Niñaflor Fernandez sit down and share scary stories they’ve uncovered. Usually their stories relate to a topic they’ve chosen for the week and range from the paranormal to the criminal.

Despite hosting a horror themed podcast Andrew and Niña are big scaredy cats. So in order to keep their sanity, they crack jokes and have shticks in between. Some fan favorites are the theme songs that they have for every segment of the show and the game– Fact or Fic– a trivia game that they play.

The enthusiasm and energy that Andrew brings to the table combined with the calm and reserved demeanor that Niña brings usually results in some entertaining and dramatic back and forths no matter how dark things get. They are often joined by the FARTS Gang– recurring co hosts and friends of the show– and guests from other podcasts.