Huntahan Nights

Huntahan Nights podcast is hosted by Gelli De Asis, a Texas-based registered nurse, who has passion for telling stories, writing, and digging into intimate conversations. In Batangas, hunta means kwento. The goal of the pod is to figure out life together- one hunta at a time.

We believe in quality conversations, timely and timeless discussions, and stirring misconceptions and norms. Categorized under society and culture, this pinoy podcast questions the status quo while it tugs at your heartstrings without miss. The host is in her most authentic self, unafraid to pour her heart out, and does what she does best- to hear with the intent to listen.

Huntahan Nights consistently appears on Apple charts with its weekly dose of Wednesday goodness. The charm of the show is in its rawness, banters, and thoughtful execution of its content.