Mabuhai Maxima

Me-Anne of Mabuhai Maxima

Heyya! This is Me-Ann Maximo, I am the host of Mabuhai Maxima. I am also an international flight attendant and a published author.

Mabuhai Maxima is a charm spell that envelops the casted with an overwhelming desire to live life to the fullest.

To be honest, I made the term up. (Well, thanks, Captain Obvious!)

It is a Potter-inspired title. In the Wizarding World, some incantations may be intensified in its power by adding the term “Maxima” at the end. You get the idea.

The first part of the title (Mabuhai) is derived from the Filipino word, Mabuhay. Mabuhay may be used in a number of ways. It is roughly translated in English as “long live”.  So, technically, Mabuhay is used in blessings, good wishes, hospitality, and goodwill to one’s life.

Put those two words together and you get the intensified Living Spell (Mabuhai Maxima).

Mabuhai Maxima is a podcast about self-growth for growing adults.

There will be topics about self-help, relationship building, and lifestyle. I learned during flight attendant training that in order to save others then one must be able to save oneself. With that, a proper steward of the Earth needs to be a well-rounded, well-motivated, and well-minded person. We have to learn to love ourselves before we learn to love others.

As arguably the superior animal race, it is our utmost duty to take care of the planet and all sentient life. Mabuhai Maxima aims to help make that change for the better. It aims to visualize a goal of compassion, cleanliness, and most importantly, love.

Go out of your comfort zone. Smile even when there are times when the other option is much more tempting. Do the unexpected. Embrace your quirks. Love without asking for compensation. Live. Live the life you dream of.