Mad in Manila

Bullet and Marga of Mad in Manila

Bullet and Marga are friends who met at their former workplace. Discovering that they both talk too much about too many things, they’ve decided to create the Mad in Manila podcast. Bullet often goes into long colorful stories while Marga laughs too much, a combo that always makes for entertaining episodes. 

Bullet is an “inggliserong jologs” who likes talking about the local TV shows that he watches, and the latest on beauty pageants, while Marga talks about anime and games too much.

Our intended audience for the show are millennials, LGTBQ+, young professionals, and even Filipinos all over the world that need a little pick me up and hear about what’s happening in the Philippines right now. Our listeners from Thailand, South Korea, and Japan, have all landed us in the Comedy and Comedy Interviews charts of the said countries.

An interactive comedy commentary on the latest trends in pop culture and current events. UGC from our loyal Ka-MiMs (listeners) on the most explosive issues of the week serve as the show’s fuel. Usual episode duration is between 50 to 90 minutes.