The Pisara Tales

Jay-Em of The Pisara Tales

The Pisara Tales is a podcast hosted by Joseph Matthew Estrella, or Sir Jay as his students call him. After its first full episode was launched on June 8, 2020, the podcast releases new episodes every Tuesday.

The podcast focuses on the musings of Estrella as he navigates his young career of being a millennial high school science teacher. Some episodes focus on the day to day musings and lessons learned from his early teaching career. In other episodes, he features guests who would share more about their own experiences and expertise that contribute to the development of education in the Philippine context.

Like with most new podcasts in the country, The Pisara Tales was born out of the excess time brought about by the quarantine of 2020. Education podcasts that focus on the viewpoints of Filipino teachers were rare, if not non-existent. Because of this lack of material, Estrella began to write down ideas and started to record episodes, and thus, The Pisara Tales was born. Contrary to most educational podcasts, Estrella does not present himself as an expert with years of experience. Instead, he promotes a child-like interest in learning more about the education sector from his particular lens. With this podcast, he hopes to shine a light on the thoughts and ideas that are in the minds of his fellow teachers, while also promoting an environment conducive for learning. He aims to reach out to fellow millennials who are interested in one of the most noble professions out there, as well as other generations who might be interested in learning more about the current crop of educators.